Dark Cobalt Blue Tumbler

Tumbler 120 Rainbow copy.jpg
Tumbler 120 Rainbow copy.jpg

Dark Cobalt Blue Tumbler

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These are beautiful, colorful hand-made tumblers that I make in Corning, NY. I have made thousands of these tumblers and they are a staple of the Finger Lakes Region here in New York. They are comfortable to hold, easy to drink from and are dishwasher safe. Enjoy them in all of the colors of the rainbow – get as many as you dare!

This Listing is for a dark cobalt blue one.

Steuben County is the home of a historic glass making tradition and I'm proud to carry on that tradition everyday at the Corning Museum of Glass.

These tumblers are great year round. The light catches them and really makes them sparkle. My Tumblers are all handmade by me at The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass. I have 16 years of experience and the glass that you receive from me will be of the highest quality you can purchase. Thank you for supporting the Arts!

-G Brian

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